A kind of phone cases can help you quit your phones.

What we rely on isn’t the mobile phones but the whole world connected with the phone. Science and technology helps us connect with the world any time. Building the connection is as simple as breathing in the air. When we are without phones, we will have a series of questions in our minds. What’s happening?  What are our friends doing?  Did someone call me? How many people have @ me on the Facebook? With those questions, we will feel that we leave the world and the air and we will gradually rely on mobile phones.

rely on phone case

Even adults can’t help playing mobile phones. Aren’t phones more attractive to children?
A company in Japan invents a kind of phone cases in order to prevent naughty children from themselves in mobile phones.

phone case

This is a kind of smart phone-cases with remote management!
As long as you set up time, adults can observe and control your phone secretly.

For example. It’s time to go to bed!
When time’s up, the phone will be turned off immediately and cannot be turned on.

It’s time to get up!
The alarm will ring and the alarm voice is your mother’s voice.

get up

It’s time to eat.
You should eat well. It is unhealthy for you to use a mobile phone when you are eating.


The most thoughtfully, a movement detector is installed in the case. When the phone case detects that you are playing the mobile phone while walking, the phone will auto power-off to protect you from dangers.

All in all, the phone cases can turn off the mobile phone anytime.

Naughty children feel unhappy!
Moreover, when the phone case detects a powerful impact, the phone will automatically send a warning message to the parents’phones.

Certainly, the case will have more flexible control of the phone, for example, they can control how much time children can use mobile phone so that children can freely arrange the time of using phones.



You may ask what if they take off the phone cases since they are very smart.
Don’t worry!
When the phone case has been installed to the mobile phone, they can be only taken off by special screws.

It’s hard for children to receive the kind of phone cases.
The phone cases have been introduced to the market on Japanese Indiegogo and achieved a great success. The phone case costs user 500 yen(about 5 dollars) each month.

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