A lovely mobile phone with an unmanned aircraft helps you take high-end selfies.

Do you realize that taking selfies is attractive?

No matter you are tall or short and fat or thin, as long as you use a phone to take selfies you want to show your best. There are many kinds of traditional selfies-sticks which seem convenient, but they are hard to carry with and people may forget to carry with them when they go out. Someone invented phone cases with a selfies-stick in order to make selfies-sticks be more convenient to be carried with so that when you have the phone you also have your selfies-stick.

 selfies-sticks phone case

People who carry selfies-stick are always single so that some people invented single people’s amazing machine to take selfies which is especially for single people to go out to show off their “honey”.

People always consider unmanned aircrafts as something high-end and large. Have you seen an unmanned aircraft as small as a hand? It is amazing to take this kind of unmanned aircraft for selfie.

unmanned aircraft phone case

AirpotsSelfie has applied for a patent protection and this product can be only produced by the company in the following decades.

The unmanned aircraft can be put on the back of the phone directly and it is even smaller than a mobile phone.

 unmanned aircraft

Certainly, the unmanned aircraft still need to be controlled by APP downloaded in the phone which has went online on the platform for Android and iOS.

unmanned aircraft

The aluminum phone case only weighs 52g and the camera of the aircraft is with 5 million pixels. The phone case inlays a gyroscope, a barometer, a geomagnetic sensor, 2.4Ghz WiFi, an brushless motor, a propeller protection device, an inlaid 4GB SD card, a inlaid 260mAh 7.4V battery, and Micro USB charging port.

unmanned aircraft

The size of the phone case is 3.72 * 2.65 * 0.42 inch and the case weights 52g. The phone case is with an unmanned aircraft battery, an altitude sensor and a camera stabilizer.


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