A mobile phone case with beauty is not enough; it must be able to help makeup!

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Someone said that women who love to makeup feel makeup is tiring. Recently mini-bags are popular, but the bag is too small to hold a mobile phone, a wallet and makeup products. Cosmetic industries pushed out a new generation of black- technological products in order to beat against the thorny issue –mobile-phone cases with function of makeup!
The bag is loaded with a phone and cosmetics which is so heavy that I can’t run or jump.

big bag

In summer, women are always unwilling to go out and it is harder for them with a heavy bag. When they are sweating, the heavy bag is a torture to both their bodies and minds. And a mini bag cannot meet the requirement that people carry the mobile phone and cosmetics at any time. Do we have to choose between mobile phones and cosmetics?
No! Certainly not! The makeup phone case helps women with the mobile phone and cosmetics. The makeup phone cases are very creative and useful.

makeup phone case

The makeup phone cases named Pout Case is something amazing that combines a mobile-phone and cosmetics.

makeup phone case

There are four types of outer packing – white with rose gold, black with rose gold, white with rose pink and black with rose pink. Although the packing is simple, it is also very exclusive, and the cases can match all kinds of clothes you are wearing.

makeup phone case

A mini-box was designed as an interlayer between the phone and the phone case. Cosmetics are hiden in the interlayer which is not open frequently. When you need to makeup, you can take the cosmetics from the interlayer at any time.


The most wonderful part of the phone case is the function of hiding cosmetics. You can choose lipstick, concealer, or foundation cosmetics on the basis of your hobbies to put in the three compartments, or you can put two kinds of your favorite eye shadows in it.

makeup phone case

The design inspiration comes from designer Nafissa Chodieve. Once she attended an important meeting, and when she needed to makeup she found that she had nothing but a mobile phone. The experience inspired her to invent makeup mobile-phone cases.

Moreover, the innovation of the phone case is that the design is very rigorous. Cosmetics are hid in the interlayer which is hard to be discovered. The height of the interlayer is very appropriate. It will not increase the weight of phone cases causing unnecessary burden.

makeup phone case

Does everyone expect such a powerful makeup black-technology?

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