Are you all using smartphones? The phone cases are with “black” technology too.

Not long ago, Sejung Oh and the other designers develop a kind of new phone cases on a whim. Since the phone cases inlay batteries and aerials, they are known as the last chance that you can save your life from dangers. The netizens all appreciate it. If parents buy a phone case for their children, they will be much relieved.

phone case

In fact besides the seek-help phone cases, many researchers also invented the phone case which can improve the audio quality, the multi-screen phone case and the VR phone case. Aren’t those phone cases amazing? The phone cases are daily products, but how much do you know about them?

Today, we will introduce some phone cases which are known as the thoughtful phone cases.

The secrets of phone cases

phone cases

Since the mobile phones have been invented and as the size of a phone is getting smaller, phone cases become popular. There are many kinds of phone cases, such as leather, silicone, cloth, hard-plastic, soft plastic ones and so on. Smartphones are getting powerful since 2013, and almost every youth who pursues fashion hopes to own a unique phone case to make his phones more beautiful. Phone cases become an object that can show one’s personality. Phone case manufacturers develop many delicate products with better quality and colorful patterns to cater to the trendency. 

phone cases

What is the point of having a phone case? There are mainly two points.

The first point is that it can make the phone more beautiful; the second point which is the most important function is that it can protect the phone.

Nowadays, smartphones are designed to be light and smooth to pursue perfect appearance so that they will be split after falling to the ground. If your phones are with phone cases which are with the functions of antiskid and they can protect your phones even after they falling to the ground.

Some phone manufacturers design some special phone cases. For example, the iphone cases can improve the signal. Some phone-hull after contacting with mental will be turned into a magnetic field to disturb phone-signals. So, if phones are with insulated phone cases, the signal can be improved. The most attractive function of Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone has a 18.59, limitless and double hook-faces screen. The screen has such a large proportion that the whole phone looks like a screen except that it has two narrow frames on the both sides. The amazing vision of the phone is beneficial to people who love watching movies and listening to music. For that, Samsung push out an upright-mirror protected phone case to help the phone stand and facilitate people to watch movie on a desk.

Do you know how to choose a phone case?

Phone cases are beneficial to phones, but many people for its low price will buy a bad-quality phone case which will do harm to people’s health. The research groups named Are They Real choose separately three familiar kinds of phone cases: plastic, silicone and leather ones. They put them in the lab and rose the temperature up to 45. After analyzing the gas that phone cases released in an hour, they found that the hazardous material released by phone cases was the formaldehyde instead of the benzene which was the rumors online. Formaldehyde is a powerful carcinogen. If people take in it chronically, they may have leukaemia. As the temperature of phone cases is rising, the phone cases may release more and more formaldehyde. 

hazardous material

People always pay attention to the appearance of phone cases instead of the materials. In fact, some informal manufacturers will cut corners in producing phone cases to reduce expenditures. They may add some materials which will release hazardous materials when temperature is high enough. It is bad for the user under the quilt because the space under the quilt is small and the gas is hard to be volatilized which does harm to the user’s health.

Here, we give you some suggests on phone cases.

(1) Avoid the phone cases with vivid colors, because these phone cases may contain a lot of heavy mentals which will be in your body through your skin and do harm to your kidneys and liver.

(2)Say no to those phone cases with acrid smell which will make your eyes uncomfortable.

(3)Be careful about the too soft, too hard and faded phone cases. These products may be left with benzene organic solvent in the manufacturing process.

Various Amazing Phone Cases

VR phone cases: Although VR products are popular now, but the size of VR Helmet is so big that we can’t bring the helmet outside. However, Figment VR phone cases make it possible for you to experience VR technology at any time. The phone case is as similar as the others, but it is inlaid with a pair of spectacles in a VR helmet. When you press the button, the spectacles will be turned into a simple VR helmet which is very small and light.

VR phone case

The phone cases can print photos. Can you share your photos fresh and hot? Certainly! What if you want to print photos? Prynt phone cases can help you.

Prynt phone cases

Prynt phone cases

These phone cases have the function of digital printing. As long as you put photo papers in the phone case and connect it to your phone, your phone can be turned into a Polaroid camera immediately. Prynt phone cases use Lightning and micro USB instead of Bluetooth to make connection phone aiming to help people install and use the phone case more easily.

The phone cases can charge a battery. People have complained about the battery life of iPhone. Luckily, Accessories manufacturers have produced a new kind of phone cases with the function of charging the phone. 

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