Be careful! It may be the most horrible phone case in the world.

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horrible phone case

Morgan Loebel is an artist and dental technician from the Kansas, the US. He created a series of handmade iPhone and Android phone cases recently which may be the most disgusting phone cases we have ever seen.

terror phone case

This series of phone cases were named Morgan’s Mutations. Almost all of these phone cases look like monsters coming from the hell with yellow teeth and gingiva, a unique eye and a rotten body. The phone case looks very real and disgusting. Loebel said the production process of every phone case is very complicated. The teeth crowns and dentures both look real which are the achievements of his 20 years development in the lab. Moreover, producing the phone cases requires skillful technology, artistic skills and patience.

horrible phone case

Loebel released a lot of pictures about the horrible phone cases on social-networking sites and many people are interested in them. However, the phone cases are expensive and each costs at least 200 dollars. These horrible phone cases must attract many people who love terror.

horrible phone case

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