Black Technology ------Anti-Gravity Case, Wingless , Still Soaring!

Recently, an American company released an exciting case which is claimed to be able to defy gravity and to liberate hands of users. It makes playing the mobile phone and doing other stuff simultaneous. One stone, two birds!

This case has the ability  to cling to the surface of any material. With slight press, It sticks fast to the surface against which it is pushed. Though it looks precarious without additional support, it actually is firmly stationary.

Bonus for selfie-maniac ! You don’t have to wish you had longer arms when you are doing selfies! You can selfie in whatever way !

There’s no ugly women in this world only  women who are too lazy to do make-ups. Hurry up! Put your phone on the mirror and learn to make up from videos by makeup maters!

Have to turn to recipe continuously while cooking? Find it inconvenient? This case completely frees you from cracking and putting away cookbooks. Stick your phone to the cupboard, the chef is gonna rock the kitchen!

Best tool for people fond of extreme sports. This case helps them shoot the coolest motion!

This case’s initial intention was  to solve the awkwardness caused by mobile -phone -involved occupation, where your hands are otherwise occupied and you still need to consult your phone. If your phone were able to cling fast to surfaces of any object, your problem would be solved.

The case is made of a new material----nano-suction, which turns an ordinary case into a magnetic case. However, it’s not limited to sticking to iron but able to cling fast to any material!

The new material whose surface has millions of nano-level sucking discs beyond the ability of naked eyes  imitate the mechanism of the acetabula of an octopus. Thus, phones with this case are able to cling fast and steadily to any surface.

Apart from its super clingy power,  this case also resists bumps and scratches because it can restore itself! OMG! Oh My Awesome Case! Don’t you want to try its super power?!

Are you so awed by the case that you only want to say OMG? What? You are asking where to buy it?

Sorry, as the editor I don’t know either !

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