Why does a cellphone overheat? How to deal with it ?

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Why does a cellphone overheat? Is it normal if a cellphone doesn’t heat? How to deal with it ?

  • Main Reasons of Cellphone Overheat
  1. The processor: the processor is a highly integrated SOC(System on Chip). When those chips and modules operate at a high speed, they emit a lot of heat.
  2. Charging: during charge, with the operation of power loop, the resistance is working. So the power supply and the resistance contest with each other. Overheat is inevitable.
  3. Direct sunlight, environmental factors
  4. Failure of the board or battery
  5. Over use of the cellphone or over-running of softwares.


  • Is it normal if a cellphone doesn’t heat?
Is it at a normal state if a cellphone doesn’t heat? In fact, it’s an illusion that it doesn’t heat. If only under the normal temperature(usually at the degree of 60), cellphone heat is a natural thing. If it doesn’t heat, you should worry about it!
Even you don’t feel heat it doesn’t mean that cellphone didn’t emit heat. Probably it’s because of the lack of a radiating graphite-containing paster or because the cellphone itself doesn’t have a great thermal conductivity, as a result the heat is hoarded inside and couldn’t radiate. Actually, it can do much harm to your mobile.

  • 10 Means to Avoid Mobile Overheat
  1. Avoid playing games, watching movies or calling while charging your phone.
  2. Avoid keeping your phone close to your face when you call for a long time. Use your earphone as much as possible.
  3. Close background programs, automatic downloading function and automatic updating function which you don’t use.
  4. Avoid a case that is poor on heat dissipation or you can take the case off while your phone is heating.
  5. Put your phone in a ventilating and radiating place if possible because it would give out heat if you hold it or keep it in your pocket. If there’s an air conditioner, please let your phone enjoy it.
  6. Avoid using high energy-consuming applications for a long time.
  7. In order to avoid danger, please stop using your phone as much as possible during charge.
  8. If your phone has heated, memory clean is an effective way to cool it.
  9. If it doesn’t work, turn it off temporarily. You can continue to use your phone after its temperature returns to normal.
  10. At last, if your phone overheats strangely, all right, you’d better send it to do an after-sale inspection!

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