Cellphone photographing skills, bring you a great effect as shocking as blockbusters.

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Do you have the experience that take great photos of buildings and cities during the trip while you don’ t want to take your DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) or you can’ t afford a DSLR?
If you learn these 8 skills, maybe a cellphone is all you need when you take photos during the trip.
1.The Use of Reflection


It is a very easy and effective way to enhance the sense of imagery by using reflections to photograph buildings or cities. You can use pool after rain, pools in front of buildings or specular glass of buildings to take reverse photos in a city. Natural symmetry can upgrade aesthetic feelings of photo at once.

2.The Catch of Light

What is the most convenient to take photos by using mobile phone is that you can use your mobile phone to record that moment when you catch the sight of special lights. So go on a trip with your cellphone. Don’t miss those wonderful lights.

3.Color and Texture

Sharply contrasting colors can always catch a photographer’ s eyes at the first sight. Only one object is in focus at a time, so after the discovery of sharply contrasting elements of colors, the photographer should focus on colors. The use of texture is the same principle as the use of colors. If you want to stress the texture, you just only stress the texture.


4.Rainy Day and Snowy Day: Best for Photographing.

 People think a sunny day is the best day to take photos all the time. But it’s not true. Rainy and snowy day is the best days to take photos.
There are two reasons: For one thing, the light of overcast weather is soft. For another, you can shoot those rare and story-like pictures more easily in the city when you go out on rainy and snowy days.


5.Clean Composition

Mies Vaner Rohe said: “less is more.” It is applied not only to architectural design, but also to architectural photography. The pixel of cellphone photography is not as good as DSLR. In order to avoid messy and fuzzy pictures, a clean composition is more important.

In addition, properly use of frame scenery can simplify and highlight a messy picture, and then you can get a better-composed groups.

6.Make a Sense of Space

Learning to shoot the extension and depth of space as far as possible when you are photographing the construction of indoors. Main halls and staircases are the most appropriate spaces to practice your photographing skills. For outdoor photography, you can choose colonnade, roadways, streets and so on.

7.Make Figures as the Focus of Vision

Using a person as the focus of vision properly can shine your picture. At the same time, as a kind of proportional contrast with construction, figures can highlight the spaciousness of construction or city much better.

8.Creative Conception

Originality always surprise people, and cellphone photographing is no exception too. Everyone likes funny and special photos such as the following one. The photographer flattens out the sloping horizon by using the gradient of the downtown San Francisco. In this way, buildings look like sloping instead.


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