Do this to rescue your waterlogged phone, and then you can start it up in 2 minutes!

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How can you give your phone an emergency rescue after it falls into water.

Do not use your hair drier to dry your phone! It will just get worse!

Let me tell you how to rescue your phone. You just need to follow and then you can start it up in 2 minutes!

First : turn your phone off immediately

You should salvage your phone immediately if it falls into the places where the water is not deep such as closestools or hand-washing sinks. You have to long-press the power button to turn off your phone quickly, no matter whether it automatically goes out or not. Otherwise, its internal components will be short-circuit causing a battery explosion.

If the battery of your phone is detachable, you had better remove the battery, SIM card and SD card first, which can fasten the recovery of your phone. Don’t remove the breadboards or components as you are not a professional repairman and it is more reliable to have your phone repaired by those who are.


Step 2: use tissue to dry your phone

Don’t use a hair drier or a roaster to dry your phone because if it is heated its components will be deformed and damaged. Don’t try to dry your phone by swinging it which may cause water on the surface seep into the internal components which will make things worse.


The safest way to dry your phone is to take some tissue to wrap it up, soaking up water on the surface quickly, and then use some cotton swabs to clean the holes which are used to connect an earphone or a charging line to prevent water infiltrations.


Step 3:rescue your phone

Next, we are going to rescue the waterlogged phone. If your phone isn’t in water for a long time, you can rescue it at home by drying it and then you can start it up!

Make use of rice to dry your phone

Put your waterlogged phone into a bag with rice and seal it for 24 hours. Rice is a great dryer with powerful capacity to absorb water. As long as your phone isn’t in water for a long time, you can restore your phone and let it start up again.

If your phone has been in water for a few hours, you had better bring it to the after-sales maintenance department to have it repaired by professional repairmen.

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