If you want to be your girlfriend’s personal underwater photographers, a Catalyst phone case is all you need!

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Steve Jobs has been away from us to for a long time, but iPhones brought to its pedestal by him are closer and closer to our life.

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Lack of the sense of presence, one may take his cellphone as something more important than spouse, because he wants to show off and show up in the “moment” any time.

A great many fans of iPhones take good care of their iPhones. After all, if the iPhone gets hurt, they get hurt too.

Ordinary phone cases can only decrease the possibility of iPhone broken. A phone case which costs hundreds of money is only a bit more good-looking and with stronger shatter-resistance.

However, outstanding phone cases with great protective function all seem to have a same problem that they are either too thick to carry or too ugly to see.

Moreover, when you encounter an accident, for example the phone falls into a closestool or is wet because of rain, the ordinary phone case cannot protect your phone anymore. You may be able to avoid these accidents if you are careful enough. When you want to do water sports, say drifting, you have to buy some water-resistant tools to protect your phone and most people will choose a waterproof bag.

Today, I would like to introduce a stunning phone case with great protective capacity of water and shatter resistance - Catalyst

The water-tightness and dust-prevention level of Catalyst reaches IP68 which is the highest protection standard. The highest dust-prevention grade is 6 and the highest water-tightness grade is 8.

Catalyst which is made of polycarbonate is not only light and solid but neat and modern. Its transparent back which is different from the other hard phone cases can make the logo of your phone visible. The two sides of Catalyst are made of rubber which makes your phone less likely to slip off your hand, and the firm lens cover can prevent the camera of your phone from being scrapped.

If your iPhone has Catalyst, it becomes “fish” swimming in water. Catalyst can give your inseparable friend a comprehensive protection, so that you can take your phone to dive, skate or ski and you don’t need to worry your iPhone will get wet because of rain or fall into a closestool accidentally any more.

Catalyst has passed the test made by American MIL-STD-810G. It is particularly designed to prevent iPhone from getting damaged by being dropped, so it can be unharmed even if it falls down from 2 meters high.

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