iPhone 8 hasn't been introduced to the market, 9 types of phone cells have gone on sale.

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It is getting closer to the iPhone tenth anniversary which means that the day to present iPhone 8 is getting closer too.

What does iPhone 8 look like? What new Configuration does it have? Continuous reports have basically revealed all secrets about iPhone 8.

Moreover, the design for iPhone 8 cases has come out for publicity recently by retailer MobileFun. The retailer once has pushed out Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 cases before they released. More importantly, these phone cases design was consistent with the two mobile phones.

Before the iPhone 8 is introduced to the market, MobileFun uncovers many types of mobile-phone case types again which seems very credible.

As MobileFun has uncovered before the newest nine mobile phone cases of iPhone 8 were produced by manufacturer Olixar.
The following the cases designed by Olixar for IPhone 8.


Mobilefun has begun to sell these phone cases in the UK, the prices vary from 9.99 pounds to 24.99 pounds.

phone case 

phone case

These phone cases confirm many design details on iPhone 8, such as a 5.8-inch giant panel, vertical distribution of two cameras, none home button, Touch ID combined into the panel and so on.

The function area of iPhone 8 may be similar to the Touch Bar of MacBook Pro. This innovation may change the way how the user receives and checks messages. The function implies the necessity to re-design the iOS 11 system.


According to the news revealed iPhone 8 is not only without Home button, but it will also identify fingerprints by screen. Moreover, the screen size will change from 16:9 to 18.5:9, and the phone will use invisible lights like infrared ray as image sensor to improve camera performance.

The phone may be equipped with new functions such as 3D identification sensor and augmented reality. This February, Ming-Chi Kuo said that front-facing camera would have revolutionary new-changes which is able to offer new functions such as human-face identification and augmented reality. At present, the supply chain manufacturer that supplies sensors to Apple is producing 3D and laser sensors day and night.

In terms of price, analysts widely believe that iPhone 8 costs at least more 100 dollars than iPhone 7 Plus which means that it costs at least 869 dollars and the peak price of it may be 1000 dollars. I expect iPhone 8 in the market soon so that fashion-conscious people like me can buy many more beautiful mobile phone cases.

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