It’s time for you with a cell phone to read this!

Nowadays, we have been unable to live without phones. However, do you know that phones also carry a large number of bacteria?


Many people regard that compared with smart phones, the phone with a keypad will be more likely to hide dirt. However, a test of bacteria on the screen of a phone made by CCTV news shows that the screen of your phone has much more bacteria than any ATM keyboard and any button of a closestools or an elevator.


Too many bacteria and dust will not only affect the cleanliness of the cell phone and part of its function, but also result in bacterial infection in the users! Thus, today I would like to tell you some tips about cleaning and maintaining your phone. Let’s learn about them and take good care of your beloved phone.

Tips of cleaning and maintaining phones.

Tip 1 :choose a suitable “mask” for your phone.

Whether the screen of your phone is clean directly influences our viewing result. Protective films of phones can not only prevent your phone from being scraped, they can also make bacteria less likely to be hidden on the screen of your phone.

Tip 2: give your phone a “massage”

It is a good cleaning way to use a cleaning cloth to wipe your phone frequently. You can buy that cloth in phone stores or use the cloth which is made from microfiber fabric sold to wipe glasses instead. You should use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe your phone and do remember not to wipe it with irritant fluid, say alcohol.


Tip 3: choose cleansers carefully

A lot of people like to wipe their screens with alcohol or suds, because they thought that it can disinfect their phones. However, if you wipe your phone with strong irritant and corrosive fluid for a long time, it may erode the screen of your phone and reduce its sensitivity. Therefore, you should choose

professional cleansers for your phone.

Tip 4: don’t bring your phone in the toilet

Some people said that it’s too unbearable to go to toilet without a phone. In fact, toilet is one of the places having a great number of the most active bacteria, because it is a closed room. It is very easy for people to carry out bacteria in the toilet through bring their phones in it.


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