Life-Saving Mobile Phone Case

phone case

You think this is another news about a bulletproof phone case? Nobody would believe such a story.

This is the original idea from the designer , Sejung Oh and some other people. The phone case is characterized by its life-saving ability when you are under some desperate circumstances.

phone casephone case

In a bid to achieve its life-saving goal, several  ingenious designs are made:

1. A built-in battery is installed. In the phone case of emergency, that battery assures you have enough post to make a call.

2. You see the most awesome part ,the giant antenna on the top of the phone case? Yes! The whole phone case itself is a signal magnifier and wireless communication device. Even if your phone fails to be connected with your communication server, this phone case is still able to let you send out SOS signal , messages and locations.

phone casephone casephone casephone case

We don't need to mention its good look and 360 degree protection, do we ?
So , can you wait any longer before you buy such a phone case for your beloved phone?

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