Mobile phones become perspective immediately! Black technology phone cases will let your phone see through everything.

Being perspective is the super power that many people wanted to have when they were young. People want to see many things that they shouldn’t see. 


Now, this dream about being perspective has come true!
Vayyar is a foreign company which has exploited a kind of phone cases named Walabot.

 perspective phone case

You can be x-rayed with this phone case, and your phone can be perspective too which can let you see the electric wires in the wall. (How amazing it is!)

What is its working principle?
In fact, it makes use of micro-fluidic chip of radio frequency sensor technology that can see everything through and create 3D images on the mobile phones.
 (There are not actual images. People who want to use the technology to do something bad need a self-reflection immediately~)

 perspective phone case

There are two types of Walabot DIY identifications.

 perspective phone

When you use simplified type and after the phone case identifying the object, a purple outline will be used to mark the object and a photo will be taken and saved. This type is suitable for greenhorns.

When you use the complicated type, more details can be known about. Users can open applications of simplified type to make pictures in mobile-phones more complicated.

For example, users can check movement by using this complicated type to make sure mice and cockroaches have nowhere to hide. The wall where splits open or which one water pipe is leaky, you can see them clearly!

 perspective phone case

According to the technology, Walabot has limitless applications. Your breathing in sleeping can be analysed; Your garden foundation structure can be detected; The speed of the car passing by your door can be tracked.

In games’ terms, the phone cases can match the sensor so that you are carrying to get rid of the restriction of VR helmets.

The phone case can track the movement of children, and then you can become a detective mother.

With the perspective ability of the phone cases, firemen can become super heroes.

The phone case can be changed into a early-warning radar to protect you from traffic accidents.

Certainly, the phone case can do many more things which depends on your imagination.


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