The iphone Case Best At Hitting on a Girl&Collapsible Selfie Stick, Desperate Bachelors: Give me a dozen!

What the man is holding is currently the best tool for helping hitting on girls in France----the iphone case with a collapsible selfie stick.It looks like a normal case and you have no idea where is the selfie stick.

You may be bewildered.Actually, you only have to pull at the tiny silver square bar at the right bottom of  the iphone case and a chain of silver bars,following your pull, will stretch out.The whole process only takes seconds.Convenient and swift.

Then,you can wield the stick for taking photos. With the assistance of the long selfie stick, the scope of the area that your camera is able to take in is largely magnified. So, whatever the occasion, be in party, casual gathering or friends’ weddings, you can take out your phone, pull out the stick and take any selfies you like.

As to some romantic Frenchmen who like romantic atmosphere, such a iphone case  no doubt  adds to their present attraction. When they hang out with their girlfriends, taking photos with such a tool would undoubtedly infuse novelty into their lives.

 If you are  lucky enough to encounter the girl on whom you have a crush,then you can show the amazing selfie stick to the girl and ask if you two could take a selfie together.If she agrees, you may well impress the girl and the possibility that you two will together may well go up to a new level as well!

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