The only difference between you and a professional photographer is an iPhone case.

Most people take photos with iPhone not only because of its convenience but also because of its excellence camera. However, in terms of photo-taking, there is no best photos but better ones.

If you want your iPhone to take awesome Hollywood-level videos and pictures,  then put a WOW Lens Case on it! This case, with four lens, is designed for iPhone and it enables your phone to take videos parallel to Hollywood films.

ipone case

Take a glance at the Wow Lens Case, you may find it no different from other cases.However the exquisite craft,precisely prepared holes and eye-catching colors make the case second to none in terms of appearance.  The Wow Lens Case incorporates four lens.How to achieve that? It turns out that a rotary round disc is installed where the camera is.

Fours lens with different functions are inlaid on the round disc.Depending on your purposes, you can rotate one of the lens to the front of your iPhone camera.


Considering the simple operation, no additional devices, the WOW Lens Case is a perfect tool for people loving photo-shooting.

iphone case

Then, lets check what exactly  four lens on the WOW Lens Case are.

  • Micro-Lens: most practical for tiny grasses or flowers
  • Wide-Angle Lens: for any buildings and scenery you want to shoot.
  • Polarized Neutral Density: especially for reducing motion blur, enhancing color purity and strengthening contrast ratio.
  • Cameo Optic: for adding shadows and light spots.

Moreover, the WoW Lens Case has provided a corresponding picture-processing App, you can process your photos with the default arrangements.

The Wow Lens Case is suitable for iPhone6/6s/7.  The preferential price at the early stage is more than 30USD and it’s expected to be on shelves in  July.

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