The second biggest museum in UK changes its artworks in to phone cases.(Part One)

The objects we carry everyday mustn’t be ugly.
Your taste will be showed by your behaviors.
Whether you have a good taste will be showed by your phone cases.

phone case


For example, these phone cases are dedicate and picturesque. Every time you see, touch, or use the phone cases, you can enjoy the beauty.

No matter men or women, as long as you take the phone cases, they will make you be artistry 

Such beautiful paintings are all painted by famous people.


Willian Morris was a British poet, artist and graphic artist in 19th century and this is his art named Strawberry Thieves.

It’s very elegant that the branches, flowers and leaf are twining and the four birds are mutual symmetry. 


The craft artist Charles Voysey was Morris’ student and friend and this is his artwork named The Top Branches of Olives.

He is good at getting inspiration from things around him and design artworks which are full of childishness as barbolas.


Owen Jones was a contemporary British architect and designer, and this is his artwork named Phantoscope.

His artworks are famous for eastern classical charaters. The “decoration rules” was summarized by him which was profound to modern aesthetic designs.

inset phone cases

London Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A for short) collects all above artworks. It may be the only one which can change all the masterworks into mobile-phone cases.


V&A is the second biggest museum in Britain which is only second to the British Museum. It collects more than 4.6 million artworks. Although it is not the biggest museum, many youths who love art think that it is the most fashionable museum in the world. Countless designers come here to explore their inspiration. The artworks-reviewed exhibition of Britain fashion leader Alexander McQueen was held in here.


inset phone case

Those six phone cases are the new products of the art shop of the V&A museum.


The phone cases are made of PC stereoplasm.
Each phone case is attached with product certification of V&A museum.

phone case

There are four mobile-phone models of each phone-case type for people to choose - iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There are only 100 first-batch-spot productions of each mobile-phone model of each phone-case type.

Part Two will introduce detailedly six type of phone-cases.

Please note the Part Two.

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