To make phone cases with the most popular colors in the world.

If I ask you what color the earth is?
You may not be able to answer it,but it seems that all astronauts who have been to the outer space would say: How beautiful the blue planet is.


Blue is the most favorite colors of 40% people in the world.
The azure blue of the sky and the deep blue of the ocean cover this whole world.

In the western wedding custom, blue on the bride’s dress is the most important of all which can give the bride goddesses’blessing, promise her loyal love and protect her from devil’s curse.

Eternity, calmness, quiet, loyalty, pureness…all of these words are nicknames of blue.
It seems that blue not only can represent coldness and calmness, but it also can represent something more vivid and indulgent.

phone case

blue phone case

phone case

phone case

Yellow as a complementary color decorates precisely on two sides which represents your different sides as a youth’s dream.

yellow and blue phone case

Red as a couples color is like a tender hug which is your joyful wink showed unwittingly as a summer flower under the tree.

red phone case

Green as an adjacent color is cut in half which is your similar hands as the sun and the moon shined together in the autumn morning.

green phone case

Orange as a contrasting color is boldly inlaying which is your dilated and retractile pupil as one part of song without beginning and ending.

orange phone case

The combination of four boldly colors is born for embracing the new era.
The existence of unknown imagination develops freely.
People with any emotion can use it..

phone case

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