Lack of sense of security when you go out? That’s because you don’t carry a portable battery.

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Three magic weapons people need when they go out: a cellphone, a wallet and keys.

But with the rise of mobile payment, even a vegetable seller posts a slogan of “VISA”. So people almost don’t need to carry a wallet.


Therefore, three magic weapons people need when they go out become a cellphone, keys and a portable battery!

The most insecure thing for people outside, after all, is that their cellphone is out of power.

So a portable battery is a necessity for every phubber!



power bank

You need to carry or hold a portable battery, so for me, a good battery should have a light body, high-capacity and good looks.

As a foodie, the following fruits power banks are irresistible, because they are very delicious, oh no, very beautiful!

fruit power bank

No more words for its face value. It has a great texture and you will find it’s more beautiful than this picture when you hold it.

fruit power bank

Here are some advantages of it:

  • 8000mA, enough capacities and durable

The battery is very small, maybe as small as a mouse. But it is a good 8000mA so it is enough for one or two days use.

The configuration is ATL805566 high density polymer lithium battery which is safe and reliable. The bottom case feels very smooth processed with wearable UV.

orange power bank

  • Bidirectional fast-charging

This power bank supports intelligent bidirectional charging which means you can use the battery to charge your cellphone even when the battery is being charged.

With 5V2.1A power output, it can finish charging an iphone6s in less than 2 hours; With 2V2.0 power input, it can restore abounding energy in less than 4 hours.

watermelon power bank

Where can we buy such a lovely power bank? It is seemingly far away but is actually right before your eyes!

It has started to sell on our pinkishwish. You can click the link to buy it.

Let’s feed your cellphone on some “fruits”!

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