Wireless-charging cellphone cases! On the table, in the car, say goodbye to a data wire!

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Wireless-charging cellphone cases

Woo! Why is the cellphone sucked? There’s no data wires but how could it charge?

Wireless-charging cellphone cases

The answer is behind the cellphone.

It’s not an ordinary cellphone case. It is linked with the charger by magnetic forces and then it can charge your cellphone!

Wireless-charging cellphone cases

This series of magnetic wireless chargers consist of cellphone case, wireless charger and on-board holder for the cellphone. With it, you will find charging is so easy!   

Wireless-charging cellphone cases

In your office, just put your cellphone on the charger.

If you need to attend a meeting or go out for business, you just take it and go.

It makes sure your cellphone is full of capacity all the time. You don’t need to worry about your cellphone running out of power any more. 

Wireless-charging cellphone cases

You don’t need to fumble for finding a data wire or the socket when you try to charge your cellphone at night. 

Just put your cellphone on the wireless charger and then your cellphone will start to be charged automatically. 

Wireless-charging cellphone cases

You don’t need to aim it exactly. It aims the charger automatically and then start charging.

Just poke your cellphone lightly and it can easily switch your cellphone between landscape and portrait.

At home or at the office, a wireless charger provides much convenience.

Besides, it is also equipped with an on-board holder for the cellphone. After a wireless charger stick to it, you can easily fix them on the vent of an air-conditioner. When you are driving, you can navigate and charge your cellphone as well.

When you are driving, it’s dangerous to fumble for a data wire.

With this charger, you put your cellphone on it when you get on and take your cellphone when you get off, your phone is well-charged!

The on-board holder for the cellphone usually can also be put on the table as a cellphone stand.

Nothing is more suitable than using a landscape to watch videos and play games.

One who knows something about the wireless charging may worry that the charging efficiency of a wireless charger is at most 80 percent of a wire charger. And the cellphone heat emission of the charger.

Don’t worry! These problems are no longer your concerns now with the case! The charging current of the case reaches in 2A.The charging efficiency of the case is up to 99 percent and the cellphone is not over-heated at all!


Using it to charge is as safe and quick as using an original charging wire to charge.

A patent technology of magnetic contacting wireless charge and tin and copper plating materials which have higher transmission rate have increased the charging efficiency immensely. 

There’s a protection mechanism during charge which prevents the possibility of high currents and high voltages breaking the charger down so you can charge your cellphone at ease.

You may ask how to charge your cellphone when you don’t have a wireless charger. Do you need to take off the cellphone case?

Don’t worry. It gives seamless switch between wired charge and wireless charge.

There’s a lightning interface at the bottom of cellphone case so you can plug a charging wire into it directly as usual.   

The case as adapted for iPhone6/6s, iPhone6P/6sP, iPhone 7, iPhone7P. Optional colors are black and blue.

The on-board holder for the cellphone apply to 99 percent cars(For very few cars which can’t use the stand they can directly stick the charger at a right place instead of using a vehicle stand.)

A case doesn’t seem very plump because of the function of wireless charging. The thickness of a case is just nice with a cellphone in it.

Especially the back is full of a sense of science and technology. Ordinarily as a cellphone case it’s very good.


The case is made of soft rubber, which feels very good and convenient to disassemble and assemble.

The magnetic force between the charger and the cellphone case is enough to hold tight your cellphone.

It has passed a 800G tensile test. Even you brake the car it can also hold the cellphone firmly.

The on-board holder for the cellphone is made of plus elastic silica gels which keep a more firm clamping and would not scratch the vent.

The vent is at a right place which doesn’t block your view. 

At last, I suggest that you not plug a charge wire into the bottom when you contact your cellphone to a wireless charger.

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