When “world famous paintings” meet cellphone cases

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This painting was finished in around 1665 probably. Its mysteries made it became one of Vermeer’s most famous works. The girl with a head scarf is often called Holland’s Mona Lisa. Who is she? This is a “portraiture”, a kind of common but stereotypical subject in Holland in the 17th century. The name of “portraiture” have any pejorative meaning. It referred to a kind of imaginary portrait and researched on facial expression features.

In 17th century Holland, pearls, as the symbol of females and the sign of wealth, was not a debut in Vermeer’s works. In his previous works like A Young Lady With A Pearl Necklace(shown in the below) pearls can be seen. But what surprise people in Girl With A Pearl Earring is the size of the pearls, and the fading of the outlines of the pearls. As the Royal Moritz Museum curator said: “When we look at this painting closely, we will find there’s no outline on the painting. Instead, the light polishes the shape ”.

The feature of light polish was seen at the restoration of this painting in 1990. A touch of pink on her mouth brings vividness to this painting. This girl’s posture is so vigorous that it seems she is turning back. This establishes contact between the girl and viewers; meanwhile it leaves space for the viewer’s imagination.

This painting also brings us brand new ideas on cellphone cases. Designers who like cats created another world based on this painting.

Tender Kitty Case

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