Hold your breath! The DIY Mobile iPhone Case is coming!

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iphone case

Materials Needed:
Flattened dried flowers
Flat, hard white iphone case.

Tools and Auxiliaries needed:

clear liquid glue; a smooth and horizontal board;  a roll of cellophane tape; a pair of scissors; several pieces of parchment( other kind of paper also will do); a ruler; a fine-tipped marker; a timer; two clean plastic cups; two wooden sticks ; 50/50 Epoxy Resin for molding (Resin and  Curing Agent);  Acetone( or some nail remover oil with acetone; some cotton swabs; some shimmering powder( as you like).

iPhone case

Step 1:The Layout of the Dried Flowers

Put the dried flowers on the iphone case as you like. If you want more flowers, please make sure that the thickness of the flowers is less than 1.51mm because  thicker than that Resin may not be able to cover the flowers underneath thoroughly. Please keep in mind that once the flowers are soaked in resin, they will turn translucent. So please put light-colored flowers underneath dark ones. If you happen to find a layout you like, you can take a photo of it for future references.

Then remove all the flowers to the both sides of the case. Gently apply few glue over the biggest flower and then stick it to the iphone case. Keep sticking other flowers until your ideal pattern is finished.

iphone case

Step 2: Prepare resin

First make sure you're standing where ventilation is good. Cut out a 60cm long parchment with the pair of scissors and stick the parchment onto a smooth board with cellophane tape. Take up your Resin and read its introduction carefully(caution! If what  the introduction of the resin you bought says is not corresponding to the steps as follows, you must stick to the steps printed on the introduction. Otherwise your DIY iphone case will be a mess, which contradicts your original purpose----to adorn your iphone with a beautiful DIY case, not a mangled case.)

Put the ruler inside one of the plastic cups and draw two lines on the surface of the cup. One is at the 3/8 inch(approximately9.5mm) , the other is at 3/4 inch(appro.19mm).

Set the timer at 2 minutes and prepare a stick for stirring. Keep pouring Resin into the marked plastic cup until the liquid reaches the first line(3/8). Please keep in mind, a precise dose is very important so you shouldn't pour too much resin into the cup. Then, slowly pour the curing agent till the liquid reaches the second line(3/4) . Don't exceed the line!!!

Start the timer and keep stirring the mixture until the time stops. Make sure the stick touch the interior of the cup. When you see some bubbles resurfacing , don't worry because they will disperse before long. When the timer stops, put the unused cup on the board and take out the unsee sticks for stirring.


Then, set the timer at 1 minutes. Pour the mixture of the used cup into the unused one and keep stirring with the unused stick until the timer stops. Leave the stirred liquid still for 5 minutes.

iphone case

Step 3:Slowly pour few mixed Resin at the middle of the iphone case. You'd better pour few Resin rather than too much.

iphone case

Use the stick to spread the resin to the margins of the iphone case, but don't let it go across. Pour more Resin onto the iphone case until the back of the iphone case and all flowers are thoroughly covered. Gently blow at the bubbles on the surface until they vanish.

iphone case

Put the iphone on the parchment. Before the resin is totally dry(1 hour or two),you should take good care of the iphone case. If any resin overflows ,exceeding the margins of your iphone, your should wipe them out with cotton swabs once soaked in acetone.

iphone case

Look! You've got a iphone case adorn with real flowers! It can be an eye-catcher on any occasion!

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