How to Clean A Phone Case- Part 1: Silicone Case

Most of the iPhone users  are habituated to put a case to protect their beloved phones. However, even the most durable case cannot resist the everyday wear, scratches and exposure to dust.

Then you may ask me how to clean and maintain your cherished case?  If money is no matter to you , you may retort that “ I never bother to clean. I just buy new ones” But there always are some people who might  well prefer to clean the old cases. So, you might as well listen carefully to the cleaning lesson I am gonna give you.

1. rinse a piece of  dry cloth with clean water. Then, twist the cloth till no water drops and hang it. When the cloth is almost thoroughly dry, scrub the surface and interior of the case with it.

2. If there are still some stains remaining, wipe them with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. If the stains are oily, dip the toothbrush into some detergent and then rub the toothbrush again the stains.

3. If the stains are sticky stuff like glue, you can first find some cotton swabs ,dip the tips in Medicated Oil and rub the oil on the stains. At last, clean the stains covered in oil with a toothbrush. You can use this method to clean stubborn stains.

4. After cleaning the case following the methods above, dry the case with a hair direr or just put it where ventilation is good. Then, you get a brand-new case!

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